The Beauty of Crystals

Why crystals? (Part 1: Beauty)

The short answer is: beauty, purity and integrity. They are beautiful in the most basic, eye-catching sense of anchoring the color rays, and so their appeal is at least nominally obvious to even the most numbed-out, energy-insensitive victims of Contemporary Life Disorder.

But the beauty of crystals extends far beyond their appearances in the third dimension. They are some of the noblest, gentlest, kindest, most self-sacrificing creatures anywhere, ever; I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

The crystal beings have graciously offered themselves up to be ripped from their homes, split from their families, fractured into tiny pieces, beaten and shredded and ground into unnatural shapes, sold into slavery, taken hostage by any clumsy pair of hands that cares to molest them, worn like badges of honor by those who have no idea of their true value and intelligence – need I go on? Would any of us put up with that and keep a decent attitude about it?

And yet the crystals shine on, continuing to emit the same pure, lovely, beneficent vibrations lovingly and impersonally, in an effort to assist with the rapid evolution of all beings. They are far better people than I, and yet I am honored with the role of helping to direct the flow of their vibrations to the appropriate receptors where they can have the most impact.

(The crystal beings insist I tell you that they did indeed sign up for this level of service, and that their mistreatment bothers them but little, for they exist in many dimensions and fundamentally their peace is imperturbable. In case you were suddenly inclined to feel awful about yourself for owning slaves. Don’t start thinking too deeply about anything you think you own, because it’s all basically the same story. Humans are ruthless marauders, but baby, we were born this way.)

I’ll speak more on the purity and integrity aspects in parts 2 and 3. Meanwhile, understand that while your Amethyst clusters and Rose Quartz spheres and Selenite logs may be pleasing to gaze upon, the sheer depth and extent of their beauty is far beyond what meets the eye.

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