Crystal Gridding Service

Question: What’s more powerful than a crystal for changing your vibrations and attracting the circumstances you want in your life?

Answer: Lots of crystals! Especially lots of crystals chosen specially for their harmonious and complementary vibrations, with the ability to work together to support a common goal. Arranged with the utmost care to invoke the power of sacred geometry, charged with Master-level Reiki energy and the life-changing magic of conscious intention, and you have one powerful recipe for success!

Dragon Lady has been growing and nurturing her relationships with the crystals for many years, and knows what they are capable of. She’s read their resumes forwards and backwards, but also worked with them long enough to know who’s really good at what jobs, as well as who gets along with whom. Some friends really help you shine, and crystals radiate the strongest when they are among their closest friends. Only the most strongly contributing players are chosen for each grid, and the energy is carefully screened for harmony and tasted for deliciousness.

If you desire highly targeted energetic support in any area of your life, Dragon Lady can whip up one of her house specialties, or make a custom grid just for you, to complement your uniquely beautiful energy and aim for your own personal star!

Single sessions of distance gridwork are available for $40. For maximum support of your goals, we recommend a week of daily sessions for $90. We keep the grid “cooking” for the entire week to alchemize your life to just the perfect temperature!

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