Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe that all humans are born with the potential for their own unique, enlightened form of self-actualization.

We believe that sentient beings once lived in relative harmony with each other and the cycles of Nature, aware of themselves, respectful of the Universal Way, and deeply connected with the Source of all Creation. Love never HAD to be the answer, because there was never a question about it. Everything was Love, everything was Sacred, everything was connected, and everyone knew it.

But, you know, shit happened, and here we are today.

The contemporary world has succumbed to many forms of corruption, ignorance, fracturing, confusion and division. Value has become divorced from honest labor; worth is no longer guaranteed by simple existence; love has splintered from attention-seeking; happiness has diverged from Being. Wealth is hoarded at the top while a false sense of scarcity and competition is encouraged among the masses, causing us to further isolate from one another and count our blessings in the form of dollars rather than friends, to cast blame and judgment upon one another instead of searching our souls for the wisdom and wholeness we all carry within our depths.

Those of us who are most gifted with awareness, sensitivity, and empathy are often hit the hardest with pain, bewilderment, overwhelm, anger and despair. In our desire to help the world and our loved ones, we may take on other people’s burgeoning karma, or energetically feed them with our own brilliant energy, only to find that we have become bitter, hateful, exhausted, anxious and depressed – and usually the problem hasn’t gotten any better. Not knowing what else to do, we shut down, numb out, console ourselves with punishing vices, send pieces of our souls to other dimensions where we can’t access their powers and awareness, resign ourselves to martyrdom and suffering forevermore. We grow weak, sad, pathetic, tired, afraid of people, ashamed of ourselves, posturing for a veneer of respectability on social media, inspired only by our absurd little pipe dreams, and deeply yearning for a sense of purpose we are afraid we will never find. It seems like most everyone else is doing it; who are we to think we can do better?

But there is also much of love, beauty, hope, light and consciousness left in the world. Some brave souls have managed to work through their own pain, despair and brokenness enough to regain a high degree of wholeness, consciousness, happiness, hope and faith. They have been blessed to find good teachers, healers and role models; they have manifested abundant resources to build their own toolkits for persistently repairing the brokenness within and around themselves; they have seen the Great Laws of Nature working faithfully within their own lives, and learned to live more and more in harmony with them. They have become transformed, through a combination of Divine Grace and their own diligent efforts, into relatively whole and well-integrated vessels of love, light and consciousness. No one is perfect, but by golly, these people have managed to get BETTER.

The Dragon Lady is cocky enough to think that she is one of these people. And she would LOVE to assist you in becoming one of these people, too. If you’re reading this, you are being called. Please pick up the phone.

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