Prices and Scheduling

Hands-On Healing Prices

90 minutes: $120

60 minutes: $80

30 minutes: $50

How much change can you handle? Hands-on healings with Dragon Lady Shaman combine crystal healing, shamanic techniques, Access Bars(TM), body process, energy flows, light-weaving, limiting belief clearing, reality tunnel restructuring, journeywork and more into one powerful, life-changing session. Clients invariably report feeling lighter, happier, hopeful and liberated after working with her, often to an astonishing degree. Many experience permanent life changes – moving out of situations where they’ve felt stuck, deleting old life scripts and embracing their true power. If you’re tired of the bullshit and ready to break free, let the Dragon Lady facilitate your release.

Distance Healing Sessions

Crystal Grid Healing (Single Session): $40

Crystal Grid Healing (Week of Daily Sessions): $120

Distance Reiki / Light-Weaving (60 Minutes): $80

Distance Shamanic Healing (60 minutes): $80

Time and space are an illusion. What if you could reach through the cosmos and manipulate the molecules for greater ease, joy and glory – without regard for distance? Well, some of us can. And all of us can enjoy the effects. Get your mind blown and your energy body rewired right in the comfort of your own home, without having to travel or actually be in the room with this weird chick.

Some have reported even greater benefits from a distance healing session than from an in-person session. Less subconscious resistance? Not having to deal with the body’s mixed feelings about touch? The comfort and ease of familiar surroundings? Whatever the reason, whatever the season, near or far, day or night, Dragon Lady would love to touch your soul.


Life Coaching / Access Consciousness Facilitation (60 minutes): $80

Tarot Reading (60 minutes): $80

Tarot Reading (30 minutes): $50

Availability & Scheduling

Life is complex, demanding and frequently unpredictable. So is Dragon Lady’s schedule. Please call, text, email, or Facebook message to make an appointment.

Walk-in sessions are available most Thursdays and Sundays at Goddess Elite:

22887 Lorain Rd

North Olmsted, OH 44070

Walk-in rate is $25 per 15 minutes. For maximum ease, please call ahead to ensure availability.

How Do I Pay?

We currently accept payments through Venmo, Cashapp and Paypal, as well as cash and credit cards. Payment is due at time of appointment.

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