Dragon Lady Shaman

I wish to assist in the healing and spiritual journeys of those beautiful, sensitive souls who are serious about doing deep transformational work to restore wholeness to their beings. Who are tired of the fractured artificiality of modern life, and hold a secret vision of a way of living that is pure, connected, conscious and holistic. Through my own unique connection with Spirit, and my lifelong quest for healing, meaning and integrity, I hope to bring light and guidance to all those who wander in bewilderment and wonder if this is all there is.

Latest from the Blog

The Great Mission

Why are we here? Well, I don’t know about you, but I know why I’m here. I have incarnated on Earth as an ally in the Great Mission to restore wholeness, magic, love, connection, joy and consciousness to life on this strange, beautiful, mucked-up planet. Many beings have incarnated here specifically to contribute to this…

The Beauty of Crystals

Why crystals? (Part 1: Beauty) The short answer is: beauty, purity and integrity. They are beautiful in the most basic, eye-catching sense of anchoring the color rays, and so their appeal is at least nominally obvious to even the most numbed-out, energy-insensitive victims of Contemporary Life Disorder. But the beauty of crystals extends far beyond…

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