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Take your power back!

Healing the world starts with healing oneself.

Reclaiming your power starts with asking for help.

Having a better life starts with choosing different.

We’re here to assist you with all of it.

Dragon Lady Shaman combines many of the best spiritual and metaphysical technologies available into a powerful, transformative healing experience. With our passion for conscious, integrated, multidimensional healing, we’ll help you take your power back and become your favorite version of yourself.

We know you have big dreams… Let us be your wingwoman!

Menu of Services

Crystal Healing Banner

Crystal Healing

We use the ancient, highly specialized intelligence of crystals to entrain the energy body to its optimal state. With over 120 different types of crystals in our healing arsenal, and hundreds of individual stones ready to work with you, we've got the whole spectrum of healing covered.

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Shamanic Healing

Get the spirits on your side! Shamanic healing works with the benevolent power and intelligence of many natural and divine spirits, to heal you in a way that mere mortals cannot. By tapping into these greater forces, and building relationships with them, we can restore wholeness on a deep level - and even create miracles.

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Reiki Healing

One of the most popular and widely available forms of energy healing today, Reiki is easy to learn, use, and transmit. In addition to treating physical and emotional health issues, Reiki can be used to heal relationships, improve life situations, clear spaces, improve psychic abilities, and much more!

Tarot Reading Banner

Tarot Reading

What's going on behind the scenes of your life? Tarot reading can provide great insight into your path, your purpose, and the lessons you've signed up to learn.

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Crystal Gridding

When you wish upon a crystal grid, your dream comes true!
We'll create a custom grid to support your intention, then send repeated doses of energy through it, broadcasting your message to the Universe.
No intention is too ambitious or too modest!

Classes and Events

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Crystal Classes

Each crystal class features six crystals, and how they can help with one specific area of life. Includes a meet'n'greet with each crystal, info about the stone and its relevance to the topic, and a unique exercise or meditation. All six crystals go home with you afterward!

Shamanic Journey Circle Banner

Shamanic Journey Circle

Shamanic journeying is a safe, powerful and transformational way to interact with Spirit, meet your guides, have life-changing multidimensional experiences, dive deep into your subconscious, and transform the nature of your reality.

Healing Qi Gong Banner

Healing Qi Gong Classes

Healing Qi Gong is a series of flowing, easy movements, postures, meditations and breathwork. It is aimed at gathering and cultivating the radiant life force energy, and works to increase vital energy, health, balance, flow, and well-being on every level of the body, being and spirit.

Ready for a Session?

1 Hour Healing

Looking for profound change? Investing an hour of your time into a deep healing session can improve the trajectory of your life - and completely change your experience of it.

  • Transform Your Life
  • Balance Your Chakras
  • Rekindle Your Inner Spark

30 Minute Healing

Reset your energy, replenish your spirit! A half-hour healing can move lots of heavy energy out of your system, and refill you with more of the good stuff: yourself.

  • Energy Clearing
  • Reset Your Baseline
  • Shift Your Mindset

1 Hour Reading

A deep dive reading for the serious seeker.

  • In-Depth Insights
  • Discover The Whole Picture
  • Achieve Breakthrough Awarenesses

30 Minute Reading

Refreshing clarity and insight where you need it most.

  • Gain Clarity
  • Expand Your Perspective
  • Summon Counsel From Spirit

Thanks for Your Interest!

We love being able to serve you as a psychic, healer and shaman. Thank you for being here and getting to know us a little better. We couldn’t do what we do without you… and a whole lot of spirits and crystals.

We’d love to know you better too, so feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, hopes and dreams!

Dragon Lady Shaman: Choose Different.