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One of the most popular and widely available forms of energy healing available today, Reiki is easy to learn, use, and transmit between individuals. It can be performed in-person or remotely, and its potential applications are endless. In addition to treating physical and emotional health issues, Reiki can be used to heal relationships, improve life situations, clear spaces, improve psychic abilities, and much more!

Why Reiki?

Most people find a Reiki session to be soothing and relaxing. Reiki is gentle, easing you into a sweeter and kinder way of life. It uses the client’s own energy to heal their challenges and dissolve their blockages.

Reiki is extremely safe and free of side effects. It can be used on anyone, in any situation, regardless of their condition or situation.

We at Dragon Lady Shaman have a special fondness for Reiki. We consider it a crucial foundational modality for anyone who feels the call to be a healer – or anyone who wishes to develop their psychic abilities – or any empathic and highly sensitive individual, to help make their worlds safer and kinder, and take control of their energetic lives.

Because we wish to spread the joy of Reiki far and wide, we offer private, one-on-one training in the Practical Reiki modality. Reiki classes are $150 per attunement, and include several types of hands-on experience to help you become comfortable with performing this sacred and life-altering work on others. Please contact us if interested.