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Get the spirits on your side! Shamanic healing works with the benevolent power and intelligence of many natural and divine spirits, to heal you in a way that mere mortals cannot. By tapping into these greater forces, and building relationships with them, we can restore wholeness on a deep level – and even create miracles.

What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic healing is a very ancient art, in which the spiritual world is called upon to intervene in the affairs of human beings for the restoration of health, wellness, and order.

In our society, it is often considered a last resort when all other measures have failed to budge some bizarre, inexplicable and desperate condition; however, in many indigenous cultures the shaman is the first line of defense when someone falls ill or the tribe experiences misfortune. 

By removing intrusive and unhelpful energies and entities, health and wholeness can be magically restored. By beseeching the assistance of powerful benevolent spirits, the patient can be lifted up by the miraculous (i.e., the intervention of higher laws upon this plane of reality), guided to a place of greater wholeness, and protected from further harm.

What is a Shaman?

A shaman is a person of unusually high levels of spiritual, energetic and psychic sensitivity, who has cultivated a unique relationship with the “other side” – the world of natural and divine spirits. Often these persons have had profound and life-altering breakthroughs, such as near-death experiences, which have granted them access to these other realms. They typically have close personal workings with, and guidance from, one or many helper spirits.

A shamanic practitioner may offer a variety of services, including healing, divination, and beseeching the Divine for intervention in human affairs.

Even though a shaman typically feels “called” or “chosen” for the role – frequently as their only recourse after the aforementioned profound and life-altering breakthroughs – it behooves them to seek whatever training is available from those who have been on the path longer and learned more. Shamanism encompasses a very particular set of skills and talents, one which must be bestowed by a combination of professional training and personal spiritual connection.

Because every shaman has their own unique relationships with the spirits, and their own understanding of the work, each one will operate in a unique way. Many shamanic practitioners combine multiple lineages and practices (both ancient and modern) into a blend that works optimally for them.

Because they are a reflection of the invisible world, and often serve as a representation of it, it is particularly important for a shaman to walk in ethical integrity. The concept of Ayni (Divine reciprocity) is crucial in our tradition, suggesting that whatever one wishes to receive or transmit, must first be offered freely to the spirits. When our foremost aim is to bring harmony and balance, and to honor both the spirits and the humans with whom we work, we are truly being of service.

What Does a Shamanic Healing Involve?

A shamanic healing session may take one of several forms. Here are a few.

  1. The shaman may perform physical gestures in this reality, often with the aid of special objects that have been imbued with specific magical powers. This may be done on or around the client’s body, or by proxy on an altar or designated sacred space.
  2. The shaman may stand, sit or lie down beside the client, and journey into their energy body to see what’s happening there. Often they are able to make subtle energetic adjustments from within the journey state, so that while nothing appears to be happening externally, profound changes are actually taking place. The client may feel these as they are happening, or notice the shift after the journey portion of the session is complete.
  3.  The shaman may guide the client through their own journey work, with or without drumming or rattling. This is often particularly effective with sensitive and gifted clients who are interested in taking back their own power or learning the shamanic arts themselves.

Our shamanic practice is continually evolving. For more information about what your session is likely to look like, feel free to contact us.