Shamanic Healing

Restore your wholeness, vitality, health, clarity, peace of mind, sense of self, ease and flow, alignment with Divine purpose, and more!

Spiritual clearing and cleansing, soul retrieval, extraction, depossession, cord-cutting, power animal identification and retrieval, channeled guidance, journeywork, whatever wacky shit Spirit decides to call for in the moment – this and so much more are the building blocks of “shamanic services”.

Why would I need a shaman?

Over the course of our lives, the soul (vital essence) can become damaged and fragmented by hardship, trauma, toxic relationships, systemic oppression, technological interference, and all the other slings and arrows of life. Pieces of the soul can be lost in the sands of time or stolen by those who crave our light. When this happens, they are often replaced by stray energies and entities (conscious or semi-conscious astral beings or thoughtforms) that dull our senses, confuse and demoralize us, and lead us astray. We may also form unhealthy energetic attachments (cords) with others, causing us to bleed vital energy and feel drained, weak or ill. If we persistently wander away from our path, we may lose connections with our spiritual companions and helpers, such as teachers, guides and power animals – and even if they stay with us, if we can’t identify or communicate with them, we may not have the first clue about how to use their power to help them help us.

What does a shaman DO?

The shaman’s role is complex, and no two clients or situations are alike. However, the shaman generally serves one of a few basic functions:

  • Healing energetic wounds or blockages for increased wholeness, vitality, ease and flow;
  • Removing energies and entities which no longer serve us;
  • Restoring our souls to wholeness by bringing back lost fragments;
  • Severing unhealthy connections with those who no longer serve us;
  • Connecting us with our spirit guides, which may include reuniting us with those who may have left us temporarily;
  • Channeling messages from our guides, or simply bringing our awareness to their presence so that we may better receive their guidance and shape our lives in their image;
  • Downloading important updates to our energy bodies from the Higher Intelligences;
  • Relaying those visions and symbols which appear to the shaman on our behalf, helping us write our own stories, making our lives more magical and meaningful.

Please Note: Because shamanic work is intensely personal, spiritually inspired and tailored to the individual’s unique situation, it is sometimes impossible to make an exact diagnosis beforehand of the specific work that is needed. You may rest assured, however, that we make every effort to restore you to wholeness and align you with your highest possible path.

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