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Hi! I’m Seven Glory Sunrise. I am the human face and vessel of the spiritual healing team here at Dragon Lady Shaman.

I am a highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic shaman, healer and psychic. I work with many different spirits and streams of energy to connect each client with the vibrational spectrum that is most healing and replenishing for them. I’m also a huge cheerleader for authenticity, personal empowerment, robust recovery from trauma and addiction, and removing limiting beliefs and conditioning to restore the vibrancy of an individual’s essential nature.

I am a Reiki Master in multiple modalities, Certified Crystal Healer, Altomasiyoq Paqo Kuna of the Katari tradition of cross-cultural shamanism, and self-taught Tarot reader. I also dabble heavily in meta-programming, astrological natal chart interpretation, the I Ching, the eight-circuit nervous system model, shadow work, and various methods of personal development.

Since I’m never satisfied just doing 10 things at a time, I am currently studying to teach Healing Qi Gong, vocal sound healing, and meditation. I am also mentoring an apprentice through the Katari tradition.

My next big thing is learning more about how the nervous system imprints and stores trauma, and how it can release it, in hopes of coaching people through the process of healing from trauma as quickly and with as much dignity as possible.

I teach monthly crystal classes and host shamanic journey circles. Recently I began offering weekly Healing Qi Gong classes! I am excited to share this lovely and life-enhancing modality with a wider audience at a highly affordable price point.

Since crystals are excellent and finely attuned energetic anchors, they are heavily involved in most of what I do. My healing practice includes many hundreds of crystals, in over 120 varieties, and I have developed a strong intuitive rapport with them. I’ve also been known to play matchmaker between humans and dragons during healing and coaching sessions… talk about a bonus gift!