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We use the ancient, highly specialized intelligence of crystals to entrain the energy body to its optimal state. With over 120 different types of crystals in our healing arsenal, and hundreds of individual stones ready to work with you, we’ve got the whole spectrum of healing covered.

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal healing is a next-level process that allows us to apply numerous highly specific frequencies to numerous highly specific locations on the human energy body – often dozens within a single session. Because of this, the process is powerful and infinitely customizable. Every crystal we use has a wide range of inherent benefits, and many of our stones have been programmed with specific “jobs” to boost their usefulness. Numerous issues can be addressed in a single healing session, and numerous intentions can be anchored simultaneously as well.

What Does Crystal Healing Involve?

A typical crystal healing session will have you lying down on our luxuriantly padded massage table, covered by blankets if desired. After scanning your energy centers to determine what kind of contributions are required, we begin laying stones on and around the body. Other crystals are passed through the aura at different times to help clear energy and set intentions.

A session will usually involve several dozen individual stones, of anywhere from a few to perhaps 25 or 30 different kinds. The number and type of stones used depends on the length of the session, the requirements of the individual, and the results you’re looking to achieve.

Crystal healing is a dynamic and involved process – we don’t just sit back and let the rocks do all the work. During your crystal healing session, we’ll also be running Reiki energy, calling in assistance from various spirits, and cleansing your aura and chakras.      

Each human energy body is a unique, complex, and ever changing creation. Therefore, no two sessions are exactly alike. While we are quite well-versed in the properties of the stones, and their correspondences to the various energy centers of the body, we listen first and foremost to the promptings of Spirit as they appear to us in each session. 


Why Should I Get a Crystal Healing From Dragon Lady Shaman?

To say that we eat, sleep and breathe crystals is an understatement. Crystals are basically our life. We are passionate about collecting the best stones to support any intention, and making them available for every client’s healing journey.

After all, we live in the Golden Age of Crystals. These intelligent, compassionate beings have sacrificied their cozy lives underground to be an antidote to the chaos and misery of modern life. It’s up to us humans to make it worth their while.

We have a deep awareness of the stones that transcends textbook definitions of their skill sets, and taps into their power to mediate in a given situation. We recognize that crystals are conscious and subtle, and that their vibrational complexity far outstrips any attempt to limit them by formulaic definitions.

What Can I Expect After My Crystal Healing?

While every session and every client is unique, results of crystal healing typically include:

  • Feeling lighter, fresher and more buoyant
  • Having more energy
  • Finding more “sparkle” or joy in life
  • Finding it easier to pursue one’s goals
  • Less self-sabotage
  • Greater access to personal power
  • Less “taking on” other people’s emotions and heavy energy
  • Relief of a variety of painful and distressing symptoms from chronic and acute conditions