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What Are You Wondering About?

Yes! We can perform a session over the phone, over Zoom or Facetime, or even while you’re sleeping.

Distance is no barrier to energy healing – in fact, it can be even more effective without the potential distractions and logistical constraints of the in-person experience. 

However, we still recommend coming to see us in person for those who are local. The body itself benefits from healing touch and will often be very grateful for that level of care.

To schedule a virtual session, please call or text us at (216) 255-4331, or email

While we do not claim to understand all the science of it, we are happy to share what we think we know.

Energy healing utilizes the principles of entrainment and quantum entanglement to retune your energy body to its optimal state. Weak, mixed-up, chaotic signals rippling through the body can keep you feeling frazzled, confused and defeated.

The energy healer and their entourage (spirit helpers, crystals, particular streams of energy, etc.) hold strong, steady, specific vibrations that can train the body to purge the “bad vibes” and replace them with healthier, stronger, more optimal frequencies. This provides lasting benefits long after your healing session is over.

We come by our awareness of how best to serve you in a multitude of ways:

(1) Asking questions about your symptoms or subjective experience, and listening carefully to the answers.

(2) Asking our spirit guides (and yours) to point out any issues and offer suggestions.

(3) Watching, listening to, and feeling for the subtle signals sent by your energy body.

(4) Good old intuition and experience.

We begin each healing session by scanning the client’s energy body with our hands, which are our strongest receptors of subtle energy signals. (Yes, we can do this in a distance session just as well.)  We often receive clairvoyant information during this scan, as well as suggestions from Spirit about which tools and crystals to use where. 

In our practice, we focus a great deal on the chakras, which are energy centers located in specific parts of the body that correspond to specific areas of life and how they may be showing up for the individual. When a chakra is blocked, underactive or damaged, its owner is likely to experience a variety of corresponding symptoms that dampen their quality of life. We like to pay extra healing attention to these troubled chakras, as well as linking them energetically with healthier ones, to restore balance, order and flow within the body.

As spirit workers, magicians and energy healers, we who work in this field today are blessed to stand on the shoulders of a long, diverse, worldwide history of others with comparable practices who have come before.

Grimly, we must recognize that there are a number of taboos and traditions surrounding the practice of this type of spiritual work – even including what one is “allowed” to call themselves. There are those who consider the word “shaman” to be proprietary to a certain tribe or tradition, and find it blasphemous to be used by any white American, no matter their training or talents.

There are even those who claim that anyone who actually CALLS themselves a “shaman” is categorically a fraud. (Which makes one wonder why this particular calling is so uniquely paradoxical; how it’s supposed to translate to the global market of the 21st century; and why doctors, lawyers, prostitutes, etc. do not enjoy similar self-referential restrictions.)

We believe that we have been selected (indeed, ordered) by the Divine to perform this work – as have many others at this time. This is not a brag, but a simple acknowledgement that we have been pulled back from the very brink of extinction for a very particular set of purposes.

To assist those blessed ones in whose journeys we are meant to intercede – frequently those with crippling, bewildering, intractable issues, who have exhausted all other means of support – we use the word “shaman” to help them find us. The average person does not necessarily know to search the Internet for a “paqo”, “curandera” or “altomasiyoq” to help them with their entity problem, soul loss or cord-cutting. Anyhow, we draw from many spiritual toolkits, including ones that have been gifted directly to us by Spirit.

We mean absolutely no harm or disrespect to any indigenous culture or tradition with our use of the word “shaman”. It is simply the easiest and most conventional way to convey the essence of our work: bridging the gap between the spirit world and the human world, in order to bring healing, balance and harmony to both.

And may we suggest that those who are deeply offended by our terminology are perhaps missing the forest for the trees. The world could use A LOT of spiritual healing right now, from as many people who can and are willing to assist – some of whom are white Americans. Who is choosing to die on the hill of linguistics, and why?

Possibly, but it’s more likely that you have ancestral trauma or poor imprinting. We have the technology to move many kinds of energy, including ancient and deep-seated ones. We also work with spirits who specialize in curse removal, if required.

Probably. Energy healing has been effective in treating many types of ailments. While we can’t make specific claims for legal reasons, we can assure you that we have been a most welcome addition to many of our clients’ wellness practices – including those with a variety of chronic conditions.