Make Earth Decent Again

I have incarnated on Earth as an ally in the Great Mission to restore wholeness, magic, love, connection, joy and consciousness to life on this strange, beautiful, mucked-up planet. Many beings have incarnated here specifically to contribute to this effort. Others are still just trying to fix their karma and learn lessons and stuff, but we welcome their contributions too.

In my ever-loving quest for the most effective, efficient and enlightened ways to Make Earth Decent Again, I have often been perplexed and somewhat annoyed at the depth of fracturing, chaos and unnecessary complexity that pervades even the spiritual and healing realms on this planet. But the puzzle continues to offer up pieces, and I continue to wrangle them into place. Sense will be made eventually, dammit!

The Great Mission is a multi-pronged, multi-faceted, multidimensional effort that is being chipped away at by many types of beings in addition to those currently incarnated as humans. Among those I find most ease, joy and glory in working with are the crystal beings and the dragon spirits, although my support team is vast and manifold.

Theories abound as to why life on Earth has become the way that it is. Many of these theories are dark and sinister, suggesting a great deal of extraterrestrial engineering and exploitation. It has been said that humans are basically just apes with alien DNA spliced in. I’m not here to get deep into conspiracy theories, but that would certainly explain a lot about our weirdly dualistic natures.

However you choose to imagine the backstory, it is clear that we humans have been duped. Our memories are wiped on arrival, so that we have precious little chance of remembering our true natures or how to use the vast enlightened consciousness of our true selves, our infinite beings. Hell, I’m a walk-in, and even I don’t remember anything before “coming to” in a 28-year-old human body. It’s not very nice of whoever’s in charge to rig the game that way and have us bumbling around in ignorance, but it’s certainly convenient for our handlers, because we are more easily led, distracted and demoralized this way.

In any event, shit’s about to go down. We can all sense this. Who’s to say what that shit actually entails? But we can conjecture, based on a number of ominous trends. Our current level of consumption of Earth’s resources is not sustainable. We are running out of fresh water, forests, mineral deposits and ozone layer; we are drowning in trash and choking on the filth in our air and poisoning our own water supply. The economy, the health care system, the infrastructure, they’re all reaching a breaking point.

I won’t go into detail about any of the stuff I just mentioned. Partly because I’m not really into using fear-based manipulation tactiscs. Partly because, for the sake of sanity, focus, and hoping to actually enjoy my time here, I tend to largely ignore things that aren’t directly connected to the scope of my mission. Which basically involves repairing and restoring consciousness, mental/emotional health and spiritual sovereignty to individuals and the collective.

But those are reaching a breaking point too. People are leaving the planet en masse because they can’t handle the craziness. There’s so much conflicting information, so much mass media manipulation, so much petty bickering among the so-called experts, and so much corruption on every level of supposed leadership that no one knows what the hell to believe anymore.

There are currently over 7.8 billion people on the planet. Most of them have a point of view about what’s wrong with the world. Many of them are trying to help things get better. But it’s still complicated and messed up and imbalanced. What the hell is going on?

The Great Mission is not about trying to avoid a breaking point. The breaking point is basically inevitable. It’s more a question of what happens during and after the breaking point – or whether anything happens afterwards at all.

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